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Renovate and Sash Replacement

  • Sashcraft recently upgraded nine windows with replacement sashes and upgraded the exterior doors in our Victorian-era property. The results are terrific – the house is significantly warmer, free from draughts, and there is less noise and dirt ingress with the new sashes. The operation of the windows is much improved, which has been great because we have a number of different guests, some from abroad, and so ease of use is a priority for us. The team were very efficient and were respectful of the guests in our property while they worked. We highly recommend them.
    — Prospero Homes

Number 3 Warkworth Street is a four-storey Victorian townhouse divided into seven self-contained, short-stay apartments. The owners were keen to preserve the historical integrity of the windows, but wanted to reduce high heating bills and the condensation on the windows. As double glazing significantly reduces heat loss and is far better at dealing with condensation, we used our Renovate and sash replacement service.

The work
  • We provided double-glazed replacement hardwood sashes for nine sliding-sash windows housing a conservation-approved double-glazed unit with an impressive U-value of just 1.2 wk.
  • The boxes and sills were repaired and sections replaced where necessary
  • A memory-foam seal was routed into the perimeter of the sashes and across the mid rail for draught- and noise-proofing
  • The front door and rear doors were upgraded with draught-proofing and full decoration
  • We decorated all the windows, which we fitted with polished chrome heritage lockable fitches and sash lifts to complete the upgrade



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Victorian town house sash replacement

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