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Renovate and Upgrade with selected Sash and Casement Replacements

  • Sashcraft have a lot of flexibility in what’s required for each window, which suited our circumstances. The new windows have given us added warmth, significantly less noise, better security and improved kerb appeal. The guys who did the work were very professional, they cared about the standard of work, they cleaned up at the end of the day, and were very responsive to anything we asked. Finally, the guys were trustworthy, they had keys to come and go, very courteous and considerate, and the nicest guys you could meet. Great representatives of the company.
    — N Taylor

This property has a number of sash and casement windows, stained glass and extensive joinery. We put together a programme of works which included repairs, upgrades, replacement sashes, stained glass repair and full decoration.

The work
  • We provided double-glazed replacement hardwood sashes for their casement windows
  • Existing sash upgrade for the sliding-sash windows
  • The boxes and sills were repaired and sections replaced where necessary
  • A memory-foam seal was routed into the perimeter of the sashes and across the mid rail for draught- and noise-proofing
  • Any defective stained glass was repaired
  • The front door was upgraded with draught-proofing, full decoration and stained glass repair
  • Repair and decoration programme to all external joinery.
  • We decorated the windows, which we fitted with polished chrome furniture to complete the upgrade.


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The finished villa

Victorian villa renovation interior detail
Victorian villa renovation exterior
Victorian villa renovation exterior
Victorian villa renovation stained glass restoration
Victorian villa renovation interior
Victorian villa renovation interior furniture
Victorian villa renovation exterior detail

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